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A great Brazilian menu from Executive Chef Marcilio Galeano (Campo Grande) created for the World Gourmet Society Festival 2014

Dear members and friends of the World Gourmet Society,

This post features Executive Chef Marcilio Galeano.

Chef Galeano’s exciting menu developed especially to bring Brazilian cuisine into the spotlight. Bookings can now be made on if you want to try Chef Galeano’s unique festival menu or one of the other participating restaurant.




An interview with Chef Marcilio Galeano:

1. Tesi Some chefs discover their love for food and their gift for preparing outstanding dishes quite late, while for others it is clear in their childhood years that they will become a chef. When did you discover your ability to prepare food that is far beyond the norm?

Chef Marcilio: The branch of gastronomy covers many areas, from culinary and cultural history to beverages. But I always wondered why we don’t talk about food’s relationship with the soul and destiny? It may seem a bit nonsensical at first, but for those who feel what I feel, they will soon realize what I'm getting at: Why is it that God writes straight with crooked lines?

I remember like it was yesterday: The end of the year had arrived, and I was on my way to a small town called Caracol in the interior of Mato Grosso do Sul. I was with my mother, who was wondering what I was going to do. I stepped onto that land that smelled of farm, of a woody forest, and I was out of the car, running across the pasture behind the chickens, pigs, sheep, and everything that moved in front of me.

I remember we arrived at dusk, and my adventures would begin the next day. Around six o'clock in the morning, I got up and, barely clinging to a glass of milk, I broke toward the corral where my uncle was milking. It was automatic; it was stronger than me, this urge to drink milk straight from the source.

During my time there we made cheeses and sweets; we fished and hunted; we killed chicken, pork, and beef. However, the thing that really struck me was that everything I ate was followed by the slightest touch of my fingers in my mouth, and I have repeated that motion uncontrollably for almost thirty years. When people ask me what it was that started my passion for food, several answers always come, but sitting here today, I’ve come to the real answer: It was born in the act of licking my fingers.

Looking back now, I realize with an aching soul that time does not return to us. I've done a bit of everything over the years! Today though, as a chef, I behave like a man without neglecting the spirit of a child. I never stop dreaming; I always crave something new. I am always trying to pull a smile from a customer. With that I am sure I know my story, I know how it happened, I know how it is happening, but don’t ask me for the future because every day I write a new page in my story. But then I ask myself: Do you really know your history? Do you know the recipe for your gift or the exact measure for a successful future? I would say to reflect often, smile, live, and cook... a lot.

2. Tesi: What is your favourite dish, and why do you love it?

Chef Marcilio: My favourite dish is feijoada. It’s made ​​from a blend of black beans and several types of pork and beef, and it comes to the table accompanied by manioc flour, white rice, steamed cabbage, and sliced ​​orange, among other ingredients. There's always a lot of samba and caipirinha (a typical Brazilian drink). What’s not to love!

3. Tesi: A young and talented chef is trying to decide whether to turn their talent into a career or to develop their skills to cook as a hobby. What would your advice be for them?

Chef Marcilio: As we know, young people are a bit stubborn. I have direct and constant contact with young people who want to be chefs. Whenever I talk to them, I tell them to spend a few days in a kitchen to know the reality. You have to truly love it because without it, this profession just isn’t possible. Even knowing this, in Brazil, 80% of people who study culinary school drop out after one year.

4, Tesi: Where do you get your inspiration when you create a menu? Do you follow a method or a routine when you create a menu, or is it different every time?

Chef Marcilio: I live in the middle of Brazil. I find it difficult to buy ingredients, and people are still adjusting the appreciation of terroir.

My ideas largely depend on the market and my clients’ knowledge – some are less open to new products than others. On the other hand, I’m inspired by my studies and by what I find the best on the market and at the moment I'm living. So, each menu has its own inspiration.

5. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?

Chef Marcilio: Food is always the most anticipated moment of my day. After some things that I cannot mention here, food is what gives me the most pleasure!

The World Gourmet Society Festival menu to discover new culinary landscapes:


Sun Beef tartare [Corned beef sliced thin and seasoned (dijon mustard, capers, tabasco, onion, parsley) served with cassava chips]


Fish Filet with moqueca baiana risotto [Grilled fish fillet in clarified butter, accompanied by bahian risotto and Bahian moqueca with corn crumb with banana da terra]


Grilled Prime Rib [Prime Rib seasoned with salt and rosemary grilled in olive oil, accompanied by mashed cassava and mini onions flambadas in brazilian cachaça and glazed with rapadura]

Pictures of the restaurant:

restaurant marcilio 3

restaurant marcilio 1

Marcilio food 1

Marcilio food 2

The biography of Chef Marcilio Galeano:

Marcílio Galeano has been accumulating experience in the field of gastronomy since 2004. It began in England, where he had his first contact with the kitchen. Like every beginning, he began wiping restaurant floors in the worldwide fast food company, Burger King. From there doors opened, and he landed jobs in other British companies.

During the absence of a cook in a pub where he worked, Marcílio was named to replace him. Afterwards, he was invited to work in the kitchen. Back in Brazil, Marcílio began a course in cooking at Senac MS. A totally unforgettable experience, he decided to conquer many tastes.

Marcílio has worked in several restaurants, including the Italian coffee shop, Caffe Dei (in the UK) and also spent a season on the ship, Splendour of the Seas, which gave him the opportunity ​​to experience countries like Greece, Turkey, and Morocco.

Soon after, he received an invitation to teach a course in basic cooking at Aquidauna, Mato Grosso do Sul. Upon returning to the capital, he took a University extension course in Kitchen Instructor Development in Águas de São Pedro, São Paulo.

After completing the course, he accepted an invitation to join the faculty of the cooking course of Senac Instructor Professional Education Gastronomy, upper level, where he worked for two years. The highlight of his career was being invited to participate in Super Chef 2011, the More You program, broadcast by Rede Globo and commanded by Ana Maria Braga. Marcílio says that, "It was another amazing experience. I met wonderful people and had the opportunity to show who I am. I was not the winner, but just being there was a victory! "

“In the kitchen, we act like real men without neglecting the spirit of a child! We must understand our differences. We respect and often believe the unbelievable. There is always something to learn. Here, we are all students and teachers where we can exchange techniques, experiences, opinions, tastes, and knowledge. Thankfully, we can categorically state that, in the kitchen, there is no absolute truth. Everything can be transformed, and we can put a bit of ourselves into everything.”

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