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Portrait Restaurant Anna Sgroi

kl Anna Sgroi

Biography Anna Sgroi:

Anna Sgroi was born in Alcamo, Sicily and grew up in Milan. Anna is a self-taught cook, although she had the opportunity to watch for a few days over the shoulder of the Italian three-star chef Gualtiero Marchesi at his restaurant.

After extended stays in India and southern France, she moved to Hamburg in 1990 with her then-boyfriend. There, they opened the restaurant "Anna and Sebastiano." After a year, she was awarded her first Michelin star.
From 2002 to 2012, she ran her first solo restaurant, "Sgroi," in Hamburg St. Georg and was awarded with a Michelin star from 2004 to 2012.

In 2013, she opened her newest personal project, the restaurant, "Anna Sgroi," in a historic house in the Milky Way near the western meadows of Alster in Hamburg Harvestehude. In November 2013, she was again awarded with a Michelin star.


German Version:

Anna Sgroi ist in Alcamo auf Sizilien geboren und in Mailand aufgewachsen.
Als Köchin ist Anna Sgroi Autodidaktin. Sie hat lediglich die Gelegenheit genutzt, einige Tage dem italienischen Dreisternekoch Gualtiero Marchesi in seinem Restaurant über die Schulter zu blicken.

Nach längeren Aufenthalten in Indien und Südfrankreich eröffnete sie in Hamburg zusammen mit ihrem damaligen Lebensgefährten das Restaurant „Anna e Sebastiano“. Bereits nach einem Jahr bekam sie dort 1990 ihren ersten Stern des Guide Michelin verliehen.

Von 2002 bis 2012 betrieb sie ihr erstes ganz eigenes Restaurant „Sgroi“ in Hamburg St. Georg, ausgezeichnet mit einem Stern des Guide Michelin von 2004 bis 2012.

2013 eröffnete sie ihr neues, persönlichstes Projekt: das Restaurant „Anna Sgroi“ in einem historischen Haus an der Milchstraße nahe den westlichen Alsterwiesen in Hamburg Harvestehude.

Seit November 2013 ist sie erneut mit einem Stern des Guide Michelin ausgezeichnet.


1.Tesi: You are the manager of the restaurant Anna Sgroi in Hamburg, Germany. Please tell me more about your background and the history of the restaurant. 

Anna: My philosophy hasn’t changed in 20 years. I always try to provide my guests and friends with honest, original, and “down to earth” Italian cuisine. My creations cover all regions of Italy, as I adore traditional Italian products and the traditional ways to treat and work with these products. It’s okay if modern times influence the cuisine, but tradition always counts more than modern trends. Following my philosophy, the guest should really understand what he has on his plate. Pure and simple are key when it comes to ingredients. The way to work with these ingredients, however, is much more complex.

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 2.Tesi: Other than Italian, from which cuisine do you get your inspiration?

Anna: I’m not a specialist in German cuisine, but I have noticed that Germans have really been developing their cuisine over the past few years, which is great. However, my inspiration comes from Asian cuisine. The simplicity of the spices – and there are an enormous variety – is truly inspirational. The food is pure, organic, and less processed than in the Western world, which is something we in Europe can learn from!

3.Tesi: To open a restaurant you need a good location, a good chef, and some marketing. Do you agree? 

Anna (is laughing): No, that’s not enough. Far more important than a good location and some marketing is that you do everything from the bottom of your heart. You need to mean what you do, and you need to be convinced that your culinary concept is the right one. Don’t compromise on quality or atmosphere; otherwise, you’re not authentic. For me, it is important that my guests understand my concept. They should actively choose to spend the evening in my restaurant and not have “just popped by.” That is the best reward you can get as a culinary entrepreneur. Otherwise, a restaurant would be “just” a business, which it should never just be!

4.Tesi: Let’s assume I buy you a flight to any location you choose, but I give you only €20 to buy ingredients for a dinner of four friends. Where would you fly, and which ingredients would you buy? 

Anna: I would fly to Italy and buy the ingredients from an Italian food market. For €20, I would prepare a great vegetarian menu and might even get a good bottle of local white wine. My menu would have different salads, a variety of different pastas, and some antipasti, such aubergine, courgette, and cheese. It would be a pure menu created by locally sourced ingredients, but I for sure would indulge my friends!

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5.Tesi: What does good food mean to you? 

Anna: Good food is when pure ingredients are used for a great dish. Good cooking needs always to come from your heart and not from your brain. The feeling is more important than the plan. There is no road map for a good dish – there is only the passion to create one. That is the reason why a recipe is not enough – it could never replace the feeling for food and cooking. When a special dish can be enjoyed in a good atmosphere with good friends, that is what I mean when I talk about “good food.”

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Awards: 1 Michelin Star




#1 Marcelo Santos 2014-06-30 14:28
Beautiful story! A great Chef, with balanced feelings for success!

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