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Hello. My name is Concepción Esteban, but everybody call me Conchi. I live in Spain. My Passion is Pastry and Bakery.

I ´ve thought to write here to feel what members and people are doing in their countries about this, and to talk about it.

You can find more information about Pastry in, a facebook page created a months ago by a pastry team, and amateurs with passion, and love about Pastry World, competitions, courses, news and others.

We need help and colaborators to publicate recipes, news, ... about. Now , We have more than 8.600 followers and growing, and you can be our next representative or colaborator in your city or country.

Talking about pastry, you know It is important to have good desserts in Restaurants. Many years ago , only Cooking was important, but more and more professionals, cookers, chefs, ...., see and realize this is true, and nowadays there are specialists and pastry chefs all over the world.

Many of them are considered as real Stars Chefs, and we know , sure, some of them.

So , what is your opinion about ,and other question, do you think Restaurants, Hotels, ... realize of this ??


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