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Miguel Angel Hernandez - Sake Sommelier

Miguel Angel Hernandez

1. Tesi: Dear Miguel, you are an award winning sake sommelier from London. Please let me more about you and your daily job.
Miguel: As Head Sommelier in a restaurant, I have to look after many things including stocks, purchasing, delivering, trainings, updates, general restaurant working procedures... and tons more of things and duties that keeps me busy the whole of the day... but the best part of all is when service time is on and I have to go to the floor to interact with the customers and make their experience unforgettable and pleasant...
2. Tesi: How did you became a sake sommelier? Was there a moment in your life that was important to start this career?
Miguel: Actually that moment came 3 years ago when I started working at HKK restaurant as Deputy Head Sommelier... as part of the Hakkasan Ltd, the sake culture in the wine list is big and extensive, so I had to put my head on Sake... Excellent decision as time is passing by, very happy indeed. After my stage at HKK I moved to other places where the addition of Sake in my overall knowledge has been very important.
3. Tesi: Please tell me in some sentences what people should know about Sake
Miguel: I will  say that, sake is a very pleasant and all round beverage for food pairing as it adds a lot of varieties and different experiences
4. Tesi: What are you plans for the next years – do you have any dreams or goals?
Miguel: Sure... quite a lot of them... first of all I am trying to win the Sake Sommelier of the Year competion, learning Japanese and achieve the SSI international Kikisake-shi diploma... Lots of them will depend which way I will take in the near future.
5. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?
Miguel: In one word... PLEASURE!
Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur

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