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WGS Best Plate Challenge has started

The WGS Best Plate Challenge has started! In the challenge, we ask chefs from around the world to submit a video showing their best plate. All videos accepted by the WGS will be presented to our community of more than 50,000 global gourmands and food critics. An overall winner will be nominated an honoured in October 2017.

Joining the WGS Best Plate Challenge is easy! You can:

  • Submit a video you already have and that shows your best food plate!
  • Create a video with your smartphone (find some tips how to do that and some great Apps at the end of this document).
  • Create a small video using photos from your food plates (again there are great video programs from Apple and Microsoft to do that).

Simple upload your video to YouTube and send us the link to your video to  If you can't upload a video you also can send us the video and we will upload it!

Intro-Video and Example-Video:

Please watch the WGS intro video which explains the WGS Best Plate Challenge:

tesi andyV2


Please watch an example video showing how your video could be presented:

film2 V2


film V2



Tips for the video:

  • The chef should feel free to add all his/her creativity and ideas to the video. Most important being that the video should show the personality of the chef. The chef's personality and cooking style will make every video totally unique,
  • The video should show the creativity, ideas, skills, and cooking art of the chef,
  • It should be fun to watch and maybe surprise the viewer, so people may learn about the chef's work. The video 'should come from the heart' and be authentic.
  • The video could incorporate the culinary heritage of the chef's country of origin. We recommend explaining where the food originates and the food culture in the given country,
  • The chef can show his/her team, restaurant, ingredients, techniques, etc.,
  • We recommend the video be no longer than 3 minutes,
  • It is very important to have enough light on the plate during the process, so the plate is not in shadows,
  • The chef can use any equipment, I-Phone or smartphone are absolutely OK. There are many amazing I-phone films on YouTube,
  • We recommend using film production Apps when an I-phone or smart phone is used to cut the film, add music, etc. A list of suggested Apps is at the end of this document,
  • Please use only free music, or music you have the rights to use
  • The ending of the video should always be a shot of THE CHEF'S BEST PLATE,
  • The chef is invited to show his/her name, restaurant name, and web address in the video. This will result in a better promotional impact,
  • The WGS reserves the right to embed the logo of the World Gourmet Society in the video thus linking it to the WGS Best Plate Challenge. This will be done by the team in London at no cost to chefs.

Further Rules and Help:


  • Submissions of videos to the WGS Best Plate Challenge is free,
  • All high quality, unique restaurants and chefs who prepare at a very high haute cuisine level are welcome to join the challenge,
  • The country and/or global jury will have the final decision if a submitted video is accepted as an entry in the WGS Best Plate Challenge,
  • The video can be in any language in which the chef is most comfortable.
  • The team in London will provide a fee-for-service translation service if subtitles to the film are wanted by the chef,
  • The chef is responsible for the content of the video. The content must be in line with local and British laws; as an example, photo or music rights cannot be violated.
  • The video must be in line with WGS Code of Ethics,
  • All accepted videos will be presented to the World Gourmet Society's global community and a to a world class jury appointed by the World Gourmet Society,
  • The jury will nominate the most interesting videos. Winners will be specifically honoured worldwide to 50,000 gourmands and in a press release to over 1,000 food journalists,
  • To be nominated, a video needs to be unique, should show originality, dedication to haute cuisine, should have an educational component, and most of all, be fun and entertaining for the audience.

Please ask us if you need more information about the WGS Best Plate Challenge and if you want to submit a video to show your best plate!

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