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Portrait Georg Prieler - Weingut Prieler

familie2 by 08 kl

1. Tesi: Dear Georg, you are the owner of the winery Prieler in Austria! Can you tell me a bit more about yourself and what you daily job looks like?

Georg: After I gratuated my wine school with the final exam I had to take the desicion if I want to study or to work out of Austria. As our winery had been a leader for Austria, i had the feeling that I could not learn as much as in school as I could do out of Austria. So I packed my things a went to New Zealand, USA, and Agrentina.

With 30 years I had the pleasure to take over our well known winery after I felt ready enough. Since that time I did the same like before. I weak up in the morning and be happy to be a "farmer".


2. Tesi: Some people say it is necessary to absorb all wine related information and enjoy wine from a very early stage in life to become truly a wine connoisseur. Other people say everybody who knows which wine he likes is already a wine expert. Which statement would you support?

Georg: Well, it depends what you are looking for. As I am crazy about wine, I would definitely recommend you to taste as much as possible. Of course as sooner as you start as more vintages you are able to try. I think I do not have today so often the possibility to try wines from the 70s or older as I had 15 years ago.
But if somebody wants to simply enjoy great wine, he/she is professional for what he/she wants.

keller by 08 kl

3. Tesi: A good wine is...
(Please complete the sentence)

Georg: fine wine, which does exactly show where it is grown. And of course a empty bottle

4. Tesi: Tell me about the best wine Prieler produced in the last years. What were the conditions at that year and how would you describe the wine?

Georg: Well, a wine is for me like a child. It depends in which stage it is. At the moment, I extremely appreciate to drink Goldberg Blaufränkisch 2011. But higher ratings I would get for Marienthal 2013. The Goldberg is one of the finest and impressive Blaufränkisch, I ever bottled, because of the complexity of the fruit. The tannin ripeness we get every year, without a problem, but in greatest vintages it is combinating the freshness like wild forest berries with spicy notes like flint stone and a little bit of positive "dirtiness"

5. Tesi: What does good food and wine mean to you?

Georg: a perfect day!

Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur

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