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Portrait Patrick Rougereau– Food Photographer from France


1. Tesi: Being a food photographer is a creative profession many people dream of, but it is certainly not easy to stand out. What motivated you to become a photographer, and how did you discover your talent?


Patrick: I started my career in photography covering all topics from reporting and fashion to industry and food. However, it was in food photography that I found the most satisfaction. In a food picture, everything is about composition – styling and light – which has been my specialty now for 15 years. Being young, I hesitated a long time when I had to make a career choice between cooking and photography. I am fortunate today to combine my two passions.




2. Tesi: Do you remember your first big job as a food photographer? What was the job about, and how did you manage to get it done?


Patrick: My first truly big project was the realization of my first cookbook, "Norman Gastronomy." I consider it a successful test because I won the World Cookbook Award with this book.



3. Tesi: What are the top three pictures you are most proud of? Can you give us some background information with each picture?


Picture 1: Marinated Chicken with Lemon


Poulet citron kl

Patrick: This image captures the humor that I love to incorporate into my images. This photo wasn’t planned. We were shooting the recipe on a standard plate when the idea for this image came to me. I asked my assistant to pick up a chicken from the neighboring farm. During his absence, I set aside my lighting and framing and gathered lemons. When the chicken arrived, we put it on the board, we took a single photo... and it was good!


Picture 2: Strawberry & Pistachio Tart


tarte fraise kl

Patrick: This photo is from the book that we made for Christophe Michalak, a world champion pastry chef at The Palace Plaza in Paris. I love these images in which we enter into the matter.

Picture 3: Street Food


Street food kl

Patrick: This image was made at the International Festival of Food Photography. The symbolic theme is a crosswalk made ​​of sugar. The recipe is simple, but the image is graphic.



4. Tesi: What does good food mean to you?


Patrick: Good food is cuisine that highlights tastes and flavors. Creativity is important, but it shouldn’t affect the taste quality of a recipe. This is the same message I strive to convey in my images: Get to the heart of the food; the product is the subject.



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