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Portrait Linny Kenney - Leather Studio


Tesi: Dear Linny, you are an artist working with leather and other natural sourced products. Can you please tell me what you exactly do?
Linny: I work with premium, full-grain vegetable tanned leather to create functional art. Many of the pieces I make are custom and very personal to the client. I specialize in knife rolls, guitar straps, and bags.
Tesi: Your biggest capital are your hands and your inspiration. Where do you get your inspiration from and how do you go through the creative process of creating a custom made product?
Linny: I am inspired by nature, human connection, and music. A few years ago I rode my horse, Sojourner, across America. We travelled 3,700 miles from Los Angeles, CA to Bath, NH. I wanted to really learn the language of the horse as well as truly get to know the land. It took us eight and a half months to cross the continent, full of challenges, beautiful moments, and experience all the way. I am pretty sure I will always draw inspiration from that time in my life.  
The custom process is pretty simple. I have a website: that has a contact form. Once I receive the inquiry, I respond with some questions to begin the design process. Once the design is finalized I send along a quote and then get to work!
Tesi: What are the products for the food industry you have made and how are chefs as a customer. Do you remember a unique story from your history when you had to made a product for a chef?
Linny: I mainly make knife rolls, but I am about to launch a line of leather aprons as well. 
Chefs are fantastic customers! I have made many knife rolls, and every single client has been creative, gracious, and super appreciative. I have a lot of respect for chefs. Food connects us to our history and is a prominent part of every culture. Chefs are visual artists, sometimes creating plates that look like masterpieces, but they also take art to another level by engaging all the senses. They understand how to combine different foods, much the same way I mix different paints, to create something unique. 
About 8 months ago I created a custom roll with Chef Gianfranco Chiarini. One of the most beautiful parts of custom work is getting to know my clients pretty well as we go through the design process. I recently came off of a European tour with Gianfranco and his wife, Chef Anna Chiarini of “I Eat Healthy." I cherish the friendship I now have with these two talented chefs and the opportunity the tour gave me to better understand the world chefs live in by listening in on their conversations as we traveled from kitchen to kitchen.
Tesi: What is your vision and where do you want to be in five years?
Linny: My vision is to design and create art that is highly personal and unique, so that my pieces feel like another form of expression for the chefs and musicians I work with. As an artist, I can't rest until I know each brushstroke and rivet is perfect, and as my business grows, I've been careful to maintain the same connection and commitment to each piece. In five years, I want to be the go-to person for the best and most beautiful knife rolls on the market. I'm also passionate about keeping my business as eco-friendly and humane as possible, sourcing only hides that are chemical free from free range cows, and finding new and better ways to do this will always be a part of my development plan.  
Tesi: What does good food mean to you? 
Linny: Good food, in my opinion, is organic, local, and fresh. The less time from ground to mouth, the better! To me, the best cooking is when a chef knows how to bring out the greatness in what nature provides. 
More information:
address: Linny Kenney Leather, Studio 5
111 Saranac St, Littleton, NH, 03561, USA