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Where Traditions Meet — Tea and Tuscany

Tealicious for the sense

The traditions of drinking natural infusions cross centuries, oceans and cultures, with each culture offering new combinations to local ingredients as they travel, taking advantage of different gastronomic expressions.

Originally from Cordoba, Argentina, Marcela Viviana Esteban — creator of Tealicious in 2009 — is one who has combined travel and infusions.

Since opening her store in Florence's Oltrarno area in 2010, Marcela has been pursuing her passions for travel and learning. Marcela has gained the qualification of Tea Sommelier in Argentina, and a Masters degree in Lung Jing Green tea from the Tea Research Institute in Hangzhou. In 2015, she became a Food Sensory Project Manager with the Italian Sensory Science Society, and in 2016, she travelled to Colombo, Sri Lanka, to improve her knowledge of Ceylon Black tea.

Using techniques commonly found in the traditional kitchen, Marcela hand blends her teas. Using mortar and pestle to grind cocoa beans, cutting eucalyptus leaves, gently removing flower petals, and using many more non-industrial techniques, she blends one kilogram per variety at a time, to conserve the organoleptic characteristics. All of this precision is done to maximize the quality and freshness of each ingredient, building the unique taste of each tea.


Offering a range of Japanese green teas, Ceylon black teas, Mediterranean herbal teas, and two special gourmand blends, Marcela is changing how many in Italy — and further afield — consider the combination of tea and Tuscany together.

If you are in Florence, visit the shop on the ancient road of Via Romana, to smell, taste, and buy Marcela's creations.