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Portrait - Tony Asseily - Chateau Biac

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1. Tesi: Dear Tony, you are the owner of Chateau Biac in the south of Bordeaux. Can you tell me more about your daily business, the challenges to run the chateau and your wine?
Tony: life on a vineyard and running a vineyard are very different from those in the world of finance. The uncertainties of nature contrast with the certainties of figures but certain basic aspects are identical, such as managing people, cash flows and of course …complying with a highly regulated environment. However there is no set time to rest on a vineyard: nature does not wait for you to finish your siesta and you cannot slow down the production of bottles if your stocks build up
2. Tesi:  Most people associate wine from Bordeaux with the various Cru classifications. The Grand Cru classification has not changed since decades. Do you think these classifications are still a good reflection of what Bordeaux has to offer?
Tony: your assertion is not quite accurate as St Emilion classification changes regularly or at least attempts to do so. The problems and upsets that accompany each change are cited as a vindication for why the 1855 classification should not be touched. However classifications should be put in context and not given more importance than they deserve. After all Pomerol has excellent wines and there is no classification in Pomerol
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3. Tesi: Thinking back there must be one moment in your history where you enjoyed an outstanding wine for the first time. Do you still remember this special moment and which wine did you enjoy?
Tony: I have had many moments in my life when I have enjoyed outstanding wines, the outstanding element coming not just from the wine itself but also from the circumstance in which I was drinking it, the meal I was having with it, the company etc… there is not enough space here to enumerate them all.
4. Tesi: What was the best year for Chateau Biac and what made this year special?
Tony: there is no best year for Chateau Biac. Each year has to be a reflection of the vintage and what the terroir and the elements have given us. We try to make the best wine possible in the circumstances. Every year is special in its way and has its own story. Whether people like it or not will be a matter of taste.
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5. Tesi: What does good food and wine means to you?
Tony: Bliss!
Thank you
Matthias Tesi Baur
Biography Tony Asseily:
Lebanese citizen, merchant banker for nearly half a century, always interested in wine but not necessarily making it. The beauty, quality and other attributes of Chateau Biac, which was acquired in 2006, have awakened in him and his family a real passion for wine and wine making. This is now a real family enterprise.
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