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A Gourmet Club to Discover Culinary Landscape and Support Young Talents

Discover New Culinary Landscapes in the
Best Restaurants across the World

From September – October 2016
in all participating restaurants

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Would you like to meet other food enthusiasts in your local area? The World Gourmet Society allows you to join a local gourmet and dining group or even to set up and manage your own. Please click on the button below to join an existing gourmet group. If you can’t find a one in your region and you would like to start one or stay informed when a group is available, please use the second button to recommend a new region to us. We will then help you to set up a new gourmet group!


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How to become a member

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Please click on the link below to apply for a membership of the World Gourmet Society. You can start by creating your Gourmet Profile and joining the conversation of gourmets, food critics and food professionals to discover new culinary trends.

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Wine Cellar

Portrait Casa Coupage Room/La Bumón / Buenos Aires

by FERNANDO MUNOZ PACE on Tuesday, 23 August 2016 16:07


by FERNANDO MUNOZ PACE on Sunday, 07 August 2016 12:24

Top international chefs to wow guests at 2016 World Gourmet Festival

by Matthias Tesi Baur on Friday, 05 August 2016 09:36

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